Our Journey to Ahwahnee

Last night, I sat on the porch of our century old workshop enjoying the timeless cool, evening breeze. The sun filtered through our towering pine trees. We sat in the silence with only the birds and mosquitoes as background music. Murray resting on the porch after another long day of not catching a gopher. I…… Continue reading Our Journey to Ahwahnee

How Dreams Come True

If chasing dreams is the folly of youth I want to be forever young.  I’m chasing some dreams right now. I’m unashamed about it. For too long I sat on them, taking little action in their pursuit or even allowing myself the mental capacity to dream about these dreams. Perhaps I was convinced they weren’t…… Continue reading How Dreams Come True

Too big to fail

“Too big to fail” is a colloquial term in describing certain financial institutions which are so large and so interconnected that their failure will be disastrous to the economy, and which therefore must be supported by government when they face difficulty. ~ Wikipedia Since the mid-1980’s the federal government has mandated that some banks are so…… Continue reading Too big to fail

3 Documentaries Worth Watching

I love documentaries. I think it’s the non-fiction narrative that gets me. But given the choice between a feature film and a documentary, I’ll take a documentary every time. Now that we have NetFlix streaming through our Wii, (and Hulu has lots of great ones completely for free) I’m getting the opportunity to catch-up on…… Continue reading 3 Documentaries Worth Watching

“I don’t have any dreams”

Just a little reminder from my son that the job of passing on from father to son doesn’t happen by osmosis. Deep exhale. Of course, I looked at this and watched Dr. King’s speech– yup, Dr. King’s dream was for his kids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbUtL_0vAJk