How Dreams Come True

If chasing dreams is the folly of youth I want to be forever young. 

I’m chasing some dreams right now. I’m unashamed about it. For too long I sat on them, taking little action in their pursuit or even allowing myself the mental capacity to dream about these dreams.

Perhaps I was convinced they weren’t worth chasing? Or perhaps I lacked the wisdom, skills, knowledge, or intestinal fortitude? Or– worse yet, perhaps I was convinced that dreams that I had wouldn’t make a difference and were therefore meaningless to pursue?

If not me than you?

The thought that there were good dreams to be pursued with no one chasing them haunted me. It stirred me to finally take ownership and face the reality that if I didn’t pursue my dreams that I’d deal with the regret which happens when someone else is successful pursuing the same thing.

Some have called me arrogant for that. I suppose I’d rather run the risk of being called arrogant while pursing my dreams than define myself by the regrets of dreams left unfulfilled.

How Dreams Come True

How do you literally turn dreams into reality?” Sometimes, when I’m enjoying the reality of a dream fulfilled or a significant milestone towards that dream being accomplished, I have an out-of-body moment: How did something that was merely an idea have life breathed into it?

Practically speaking, here’s a few things that come to mind for turning dreams into reality.

  1. I have a great partner in Marko. It’s hard to imagine doing the things I’m doing without the encouragement of my partner. Willfully yoked together we are stronger and more brave than we could be alone. 
  2. A measure of financial stability. Looking back, graduating from college debt-free and working very hard to build personal savings has afforded Kristen and I the ability to be flexible and take measured risks. No, we’re not wealthy in the least. But we aren’t tied to decisions of the past either.
  3. A first steps attitude. I find that getting started is the hardest part of the process. Conversely, I can’t tell you how many big dreams have come true simply because I took the first step. Some things pretty much do themselves if only you ask about them. The truth is that some of my biggest accomplishments in life were relatively easy once I got started.
  4. A fail fast attitude. “This could totally suck and that’s OK.” I find that people are more failure adverse than risk adverse. At the same time nothing is innovated if you aren’t willing to fail your way to success. You simply can’t let a fear of failure paralyze you from pursuing dreams.
  5. Work ethic. I don’t know many truly lazy people. But I do know some with a poor work ethic. Make some progress every day, make progress when no one notices, make progress when others are resting. I’m a blue collar kid. Anything good that happens in my life happens because I work hard and work smart. There’s no substitute for this.

What’s missing from my list? What are initial steps you’ve taken towards pursuing your dreams? 







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  1. Becky Daye Avatar
    Becky Daye

    I think a lot of it depends on the dream that you have, but for me, I have been learning to embrace this idea of being faithful. I don’t get to determine the outcome of my work, because my dreams are not always measurable. It has been so important for the “taking that first step” to be okay with whatever outcome God would want- not basing what I do on what I want to happen. Does that make sense? Thanks for sharing what you are learning, Adam! So fun to walk this journey with you!

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