Discover something brand new

One of the biggest lies floating around is that there is nothing new under the sun.

That’s only true if your name is God.

But God is creative and He has shown us before that He can create something brand new whenever He wants. (Genesis 1) Yes, Ecclesiastes 1:9 does say, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Again, it’s all about perspective. If you’re God that is true. If you’re a finite being we learn and discover new things all the time.

Case in point, check out this tiny chameleon discovered off the coast of Madagascar recently.

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There is lots more to discover in this world. Whether you are a parent trying to figure out how to best raise your children. Whether you are a pastor trying to learn how to best communicate the Gospel in your community. Or whether you’re a biologists looking to cure a disease. Keep seeking. Keep chasing. Keep hunting for new stuff.

There’s lots of new stuff to discover in this world. And you are perfectly positioned and equipped to discover it.

We’re typically not held back by the capacity of what’s possible so much as we’re held back by the smallness of our dreams.





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