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To be Dynamic You Need Tension


Kicking Butt vs. Counting Butts in Seats I’ve been around organizations that are dynamic, where risks are taken, new innovations fly, and the response is incredible. And I’ve been around organizations that used to be dynamic, where it seems people are remembering big risks, iteration has taken over, and the response is flat, predictable even. (more…)

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Don’t Get Bored


The other day I was thinking about all of the people I know going through job changes, struggles, and frustrations. Work isn’t supposed to be fun all the time. In fact, the Bible promises that work will often suck. (Genesis 3:117-19) (more…)

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The New Economy Emerging


“This is a bad economy…” “Pretty cool, especially in this economy…” “You know, in this economy, every dollar counts.” I don’t know about you. But I hear bad news about this economy all the time. It’s at the point where it drives me nuts. You see, it’s one of those things that’s said on the news […]

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