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5 Things to Do With a Brand New WordPress Site


So, you want to get started in blogging? Awesome. If your intended audience is over the age of 18 you are going to want to use WordPress. (Under 18? Use Tumblr.) Also, if you are just getting started I’d recommend spending the first 12 months of blogging on a blog. You’ll have way less […]

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Revolve: Camera Dolly on Kickstarter

Screen Shot 2012-03-25 at 7.04.44 AM

I love Kickstarter projects. And I especially dig the design stuff which brings great products to the market. Why did I back this project? Well, I love video and want to take my skills to the next level. Plus, I’ve got some big trips planned for the next 12-18 months and I want to have […]

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USB Typewriter


Feeling sentimental about the days when typing was a ridiculous chore complete with paper and corrective tape? Try this on. Can you imagine bringing your iPad and the typewriter into a coffeeshop and setting up shop? It’d be awesome.  The hipsters may declare you king.  Price: $799

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iPad 2 vs. Kindle review & comparison

iPad 2 Pros: Fun to play with. Feel cool in coffee shops. Lots of apps. Perfect for consuming media. Fun for taking short notes, like a giant iPhone. Light, battery lasts a long time, shiny. Lots of apps for kids to play with. (Or entertainment for bored adults on planes) Cons: Not going to pay […]

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