Web 2.0, what is it and how does it work

This video pretty much captures the way my brain has been working/spinning/thinking. I know it’s hard to believe for some people, but the web as people are getting used to using it has drastically changed in the last few months. It’s called Web 2.0. I’ll provide three easy examples of how Web 2.0 is utilized on this blog, then enjoy the video. (Click on the read more button for some discussion questions!)

  1. To the left you have a widget that tells you how many people subscribe to my blog. That means that ___ (24 right now, changes all the time) people don’t even come to my domain to actually read what is posted here. It’s delivered to them on their feed reader and they read my stuff in cute little bubbles whenever they want. (Think of it as a fully custom homepage full of the stuff you want to read)
  2. To the right is a list called "Stuff to read now." People ask me how I have time to read 20-30 blogs per day. I don’t! Instead I glance through my blog reader and it tells me who has posted. When I find stuff that I think is interesting I click "share" and a link to that item appears there. So, in a way, I’m collaborating with dozens of sites to showcase stuff I think is interesting here on my blog.
  3. Further down on the right is a widget to fresh stuff on YMX. You don’t even have to go to YMX to see if there is content that you’d like to read… you can determine that right here.

Web 2.0 is more than just cool widgets . It’s about online collaboration. It’s about "our collective ideas" forming something really cool. It’s more than the information superhighway of the 1990’s. It’s millions of people around the world meeting, working together, networking, connecting, growing, organizing, and changing every second of every day.

Lost? Here’s a video that will make you more lost


  1. If Web 2.0 cannot control the message, how can the church help get truths of Scripture out there?
  2. How can churches use Web 2.0 technology advance the Kingdom of God?
  3. If Web 2.0 is about collective collaboration, how come we don’t see more non-linear blogging sites?
  4. Is this going to help the average user use the web more effectively or is this going to help draw a deeper line between the "knows" and the "know nots?"



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