long (GREAT) day

Ppppphhhhffffttttt. BBalalalalalalalabbbbb. That’s kind of how I feel right now.

We got up early this morning to head the Detroit Core training event. Marv Penner did a great job painting the picture for how our ministry should/could better serve hurting kids. I loved the training… though I can see how a training event like that was more discouraging for some new to ministry than they probably thought it was encouraging. He sure painted a very realistic picture of how things are today and how the church "ought to" or "could" respond. I can just see people walking away from the event saying… "I might as well throw in the towel."

For those people let me just say this: "That’s not the primary function of youth ministry." (Neither is fun… your priamry roles are evangelism/discipleship… in my context, it’s mostly discipleship to hurting kids.) There is a lot more to it than just that… but it’s also a lot like real life. We should be prepared to minister during both the fun things and the not so fun things. In all things, youth workers are called to draw people closer and closer to Jesus. So, don’t give up… 90% of youth ministry isn’t that scary or heavy. OK, rant off.

Today is Megan’s 6th birthday!
She already had her party but it was fun to celebrate with her a little today as well. She got to spend time with her grandparents while we were at the training event.

Getting kids up early and out of their schedule made for cranky kids. My kids are awesome and flexible… but boy was Paul whiny. Thankfully he slept most of the way back.

And speaking of the way back… it took us 2.5 hours. (It’s a 40 mile drive!) We forgot something and grandma/grandpa’s house. We had to make a potty stop. We hit construction. We got turned around. We had to make another couple stops. TrafficconeWe ran into more construction. So I’m royally fried for my last action of the day.

Finishing the message for tomorrow morning. I have a tendency to do weird things like sandwiching filling the pulpit between today (Megan’s birthday/Core training event out of town) and Monday. (Leaving for vacation.)

2 days until we leave. Not that I’m counting… and not that I’m not thankful for all the opportunities God brings my way. I’m just tired and ready for some rest and relaxation with the prettiest woman I know.



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