No Light Force tonight

I will readily admit that it does feel a little weird. Tonight, there is no Light Force. Not by accident… but on purpose.

Starting next week there will be 3 in-home small groups for teaching and reaching students here in Romeo. That means that the Light Force room… in use for 30+ years… will lie vacant tonight. I won’t be preparing a talk. I won’t be scurrying to find a game. I won’t be asking Jason "what are your songs for tonight?" at 6:00 PM.

Why the change?
We want to be more effective and more strategic.

I’m not saying "youth group" is bad. In fact, it’s really all I know. All we’re saying is that we need to try something else to become more effective.

That’s the percentage of Romeo Community School students currently involved in a youth ministry in Romeo. And by being really honest, that 5% (at least speaking for my own church) isn’t doing a fantastic job of evangelism/discipleship… and my hypothesis is that it’s more method-based than anything.

Please pray for our 3 seed groups.
They’ll kick off next week.






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