See You at the Pole

Syatp_07Today is "See You at the Pole" all around the country and as I write this thousands of parents, students, and school employees all around the country are lifting up their schools to the Lord.

I was over at Romeo Middle School… for about 10 minutes. Unlike other SYATP’s I’ve been to, this one was short and sweet for the 30 or so students who were there. Just kind of just stood around, adults prayed… no kids prayed… then it was over the second a bell rang. You’ve got to love middle schoolers!

A couple of people over at YMX have said that they didn’t plan to do a thing for SYATP. (Certainly, that was my position last year… I even overslept and missed it.) I think Tim Schmoyer added the best quote to that conversation. He posted "one day of prayer for your schools is better than no days of prayer for your schools. Well said.

Last night I co-hosted a See You Before the Pole Party over at Simpson Park.  It wasn’t  very well-attended… but we got a very late start in telling people about it as well.  The most important thing that happened was that more than 1 church was part of putting it on. In this town that is a miracle. We hope it’s just the beginning of events that get local students together to worship and fellowship together.  We’re getting together today to come up with an event… probably in early January.






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  1. Brian Eberly Avatar

    I prayed with a group of middle schoolers this morning as well. It was wonderfully awkward. I love middle schoolers! We’re having a post SYATP rally to night. Looking forward to that!

  2. adam Avatar

    It was pretty fun. As I walked home I was in awe of how cool it was… but at the same time it was over in a flash. There must be a way to capture that 5 minutes better.

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