A solid beta test

You know, I should feel like tonight didn’t go well because only 4 students came to our worship night. But I can’t feel bad because it was a great run through and I got a glimpse of better things to come.

We had a fun game, solid worship, something experiential, a good talk, and a great snack. I think the room (we scaled the sanctuary down to about 25 seats) went really well and overall I think it was a good night.

It’s something to build on. I know that there were a number of schedule conflicts tonight with it… that’s going to happen no matter what night we offer it on. So, schedule junkies, the next LF worship night is Monday, December 10th @ 7 PM.






3 responses to “A solid beta test”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    Maybe there were issues with getting the word out? I suppose I should have known about it, but I didn’t even realize it was last night until my mom told me last night.

  2. Sally B Avatar
    Sally B

    I didn’t know either til I checked my email this a.m. Sorry Adam.

  3. adam Avatar

    Really, it’s OK. I need to promote them better. It was a great walk through and a time to get a vision for how cool it will be in Dec.

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