Kidnap a Gnome Details

This is the message that just went out to the Light Force list about tonight’s "Kidnap a Gnome" night. I’ve gotten so many questions about this event on Facebook and AIM that I’ll be bundling it all together and releasing it this week on Monday Exchange.

I’ve gotten a number of detail requests about this event, so here
are some clarification points: (And to remind you how much fun this
event will be!)

  • This is a Light Force event. We’re inviting any student in middle and/or high school.
  • No, Light Force is not providing the gnome. You will need
    to borrow a gnome and/or lawn ornament for your team. So spend some
    time today scouting out a gnome in that one weird lady’s yard on your
    block. (Every block has one, right?) It doesn’t have to be a gnome…
    it could also be that scary deer thing or a pink flamingo or any other
    lawn ornament that is looking to get out on the town. (Yes, you should
    ask her if its OK to borrow it. Invite her to church while you are at
    it. People who like lawn ornaments need Jesus as much as you/me.) You should not bring the gnome with you, going to get a gnome is part of the game.
  • The judging will be a points based system, so start being creative now.
    (So, taking the gnome home and getting a picture with your mom will be
    worth 100 points. But taking the gnome to the mall and having his
    picture taken with the mall security guard will be worth 500 points.)
  • A general reminder for the pyros and those who like to blow things up… the event is called "Kidnap a Gnome" and not blow up gnomes, burn gnomes, crush gnomes, or drop gnomes from tall places.
  • Your team will have two hours to get as many pictures/videos with your gnome and/or lawn ornament as you can.
    You’ll have to decide how far you want to go. But I’m pretty sure your
    gnome has never been to CVS, Meijer, Sheena’s, Blockbuster, Caribou,
    Wal*Mart, Dollar General, Bruce Township Fire Department, Romeo Coney
    Island, a hot tub, AMC 30, Subway, Wendy’s, the play area at
    McDonald’s, or ordered food at the drive through at Arby’s. But he has
    been to K-Mart because all gnomes and lawn ornaments seem to come from
  • Yes, your team can make a rap video called "Chillin’ with My Gnomies, Talkin’ about My Homies" Just make sure your gnome doesn’t have potty mouth. Videos are worth more points.
  • Yes, your parents can come because we need drivers. No, I won’t make your mom be in your car.
  • Yes, I know there were two typos in the handout I gave you. The event is November 10th and not 11th. And I meant "of course" and not "of coruse." Mrs. Miller from 3rd grade at Madison Elementary would be very disappointed.

I’m really looking forward to this as it’ll be a great time! We hope to
have a bunch of small teams who are ready to be creative and HAVE A
BLAST giving a gnome the night of his life.

From 5ish-7ish you’ll be out and about.
From 7ish-8ish you’ll come back to the church to share your pictures and videos, eat pizza, and find out who the winners are.






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  1. Kim Avatar

    Can I play?! This sounds like a blast. I want to go back to youth group!:)

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