Saturday Tunes

saturday tunesThe kids are absolutely going nuts with staying in the house. They woke up bouncing off the walls and I think we’ll need to take them somewhere to run pretty soon. Also, Kristen and I will hopefully be finishing up the wallpaper stripping later this morning so we can get a coat of primer on the walls. It’s only been about 2.5 years! With all that fun, here’s the next 10 tunes racing through my brain this morning. As always, no cheating and ratings included.

  1. Gravity by Shaun McDonald ***
  2. Hanging on by Everyday Sunday *****
  3. Adding to the Noise by Switchfoot ****
  4. New Vibration by Collective Soul *****
  5. Metaphor in Parenthesis by House of Heros ****
  6. Wonderwall by Oasis *****
  7. Call in the Calvary by The Shys ***
  8. The Thief by Relienk K ****
  9. Traincar by Sandra McCracken ****
  10. About You by Zoegirl ****
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By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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