Youth Ministry is Dangerous for My Kids, part 2

Several months ago I wrote how sometimes my kids get hurt as a result of being around “big kids” in youth group. Last time, there was a student who was playing with Paul and decided it would be fun to help him do a flip. Well, when his head hit the tile and the tears rolled off she went and we were left to deal with the massive bruise on his face.

This time, more messing around led to him falling off an ottoman and smashing his head against the outside of a fireplace. The result was one very upset Paul, one very sad youth worker, a concerned mom and dad, and one large cut on the top of my boys head.

He’s going to be OK. It was just an accident and when 4 year olds play with big kids 4 year olds are eventually going to get hurt.

The bigger question I need to deal with is two-fold… because taking the kids to small groups isn’t going to work.
a. Either Kristen stops being a youth worker. (Something I don’t want to do on so many levels)
b. Or we find someone to watch our kids during small groups.

I think the bigger thing I saw last night is that we just shouldn’t have our kids at Light Force stuff very often. This has nothing to do with the accident last night, I just don’t think it helps to create the best environment for our students. Light Force is for 6-12 graders and not a first grader and a preschooler.

What do you think?






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  1. Cathy Avatar

    *sigh* We’ve had our share of adult volunteers who, in order for the adults to volunteer, the younger kids come with (sometimes I don’t think the kids have to come, but they get away with bringing them anyway). Being a single adult, no kids, and closer to their age, the youth have no trouble voicing around me that they don’t like when the elementary kids are there. There tends to be a certain expectation of them that they will pay attention to and do stuff with them…and they do because they don’t want to hurt the younger kids feelings. But I don’t think it’s fair, honestly.

    So, as a single adult with no kids, I’m very much for a “if they don’t fit the age group, then they really probably shouldn’t be there” guideline. I know many will disagree.

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Cathy, I guess I see it two ways.

    I know that for some kids there is more value in them being around than the distraction that they are as some people just need to see how a Christian family works…

    But at the same time, as a dad, I’m thinking that it is time to admit that they are too old to be around all the time. When they were babies we could get away with it. But now that they are older it just isn’t flying.

    The good news is that a blog reader (self-proclaimed lurker… though she has commented!) called today and volunteered to watch them in our house when we have small groups at another house. Not to sound cheesy, but this is a blessing.

  3. Cathy Avatar

    Woot! That is a total blessing. 🙂

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