25 Video Tutorials for WordPress Users

word pressI’ve helped dozens of people switch to WordPress. (The blogging platform I use for this site.) It has the easiest learning curve of any blogging software on the market, but it can still be daunting for people new to online publishing. (For the record, I prefer the self-hosted version. The WordPress.com version is just so-so.)

In the course of helping people I end up doing a lot of basic training… which I don’t mind but I am left repeating myself a lot. The other day I came across a series of great video tutorials that give just enough information to be useful. They are produced by ListPipe, which seems to be some sort of content source for bloggers.

Here they are, 25 video tutorials for WordPress





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  1. Barry O Avatar

    Thanks for the videos. There’s a lot of good stuff in there.

    I have an ever growing collection of WordPress Training Videos on my site that may be useful.


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