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  • Adam McLane, tech dork

    As if it were not official already. Last week I totally proved my tech dorkiness repeatedly. From randomly fixing computers to picking up the new MacBook to whimsically talking about PHP code and fixing a blog. Of course, this was on top of my normal compulsions to Twitpic all over the place, post to Twitter […]

  • New Template @ adammclane.com

    If you are an RSS subscriber to the blog you’ll want to come check out the site. Tonight I put in a new theme. It’s a look that I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks now. The truth of the matter is that I really wanted to make some changes to some of my […]

  • A brand new RomeoKids.com

    It took several month to say this, but RomeoKids.com has a brand new look. This was the first project that the church has ever sent out to a web designer and I think it turned out awesome. Matt Adams, that guy is great to work with. If you ever need a WordPress theme totally custom […]

  • 25 Video Tutorials for WordPress Users

    I’ve helped dozens of people switch to WordPress. (The blogging platform I use for this site.) It has the easiest learning curve of any blogging software on the market, but it can still be daunting for people new to online publishing. (For the record, I prefer the self-hosted version. The WordPress.com version is just so-so.) […]