Romeo Elves: Paint the rock teaser

Since Patti told me I was being a tease about the next elf video, I thought I’d post a little taste test. The final video has a time-lapse premise.

I wonder how the peeps over at the church marketing labs would like our elf videos? Probably not snobby enough for them.





4 responses to “Romeo Elves: Paint the rock teaser”

  1. Patti Avatar

    more teasing! but very entertaining!

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    It is certified…. you are a dork. LOL

  3. Amy Avatar

    That’s awesome!!! I would so totally go to your church if I was a heathen, just because of this video. Oh, and I would have to live in Michigan, too. Maybe I should move to Michigan just so I can come to your church.

    Is that Relient K I detect in the background?

  4. adam mclane Avatar

    indeed it was the relient k you have sniffed out. More of that to come.

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