Facebook changes on the way

Facebook changesI’ve not been shy in sharing my preference for Facebook over Myspace. (Although I will admit that Myspace is much better.) Well, a friend of mine sent me a link about some upcoming changes to Facebook as they seek to de-clutter the site.

If you are getting fed up of all the vampires, booze mail and super wall posts, then help could be on the way.

The social network site Facebook is getting ready for the first major makeover in its short history.

Designers are planning some widespread changes to the way the core profile page is organised, aimed at making it “simpler, cleaner and more relevant”. link


Basically, their solution isn’t to get rid of anything. It’s just to offer tabs to sort all of the different applications, photos, wall posts, and other stuff. It’s a welcome change.

Bonus: Not that anyone cares but me. But I’ve gotten tired of Firefox’s instability on OSX (mac) and am trying out Safari. So far so good. 





2 responses to “Facebook changes on the way”

  1. Amy Avatar

    I suppose Firefox is preferable to Explorer when using a PC, but on a Mac, or at least on my Mac, Firefox slows my computer waaaaaay down. But more than that, I just prefer Safari’s look and feel. The only downside is that you still occasionally run across a website or web app that isn’t yet compatible with Safari. I had to wait months to be able to use Google Chat.

  2. Blake Avatar

    I like FBook so much better than MySpace. Why even have a MySpace unless you’re a band or something. But I do get tired of the same invites. Though now you can block invited from certain people or certain applications.

    But Firefox has been fine for me. Course I’m still not up to Leopard yet. I like Safari, but it doesn’t have the Google Toolbar or some of the Firefox addons. I like. Have you tried Flock at all?

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