Saturday Tunes

It’s Saturday. Right now I’m wrapping up preparation for my Acts class. Later today I’ve got loads of meetings. Tonight Kristen is joining the women of the church for an awesome Mother’s Day event. (Time for us to shop, by the way!) Soccer, class, meetings, events… it’s a busy Saturday.

Here are the next 10 tunes I’m listening to as I have my head buried in the Bible this morning. As always, completely random shuffle, ratings included, no cheating.

  1. Tears of the Saints by Leeland *****
  2. Hiding Place by Starfield ****
  3. The Hand that Holds the World by Starfield ****
  4. Listen to the Music by the Doobie Brothers ****
  5. With or Without You by U2 ****
  6. For your Glory by Matt Maher ***
  7. You Were Meant for Me by Jewel ****
  8. Rawkfist by Thousand Foot Krutch ****
  9. Roxanne by The Police ****
  10. Let It Out Now by Leeland ****





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