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  • Dearest Bono, I Forgive You

    This video cracked me up. It couldn’t possibly get more low rent and yet it is strangely worthy of the U2 brand. Well done. Since they delayed their event by a year, maybe I’ll be able to afford to go to the show in Anaheim? Anyone else want to go?

  • The cry of the people

    [Please press play] I love this song. And I love how Bono performed it on this tour. He kicked it off and let the audience do the first verse and chorus. An amazing moment in the show. One reason I think this song is so powerful, particularly performed live, is that as the audience sing […]

  • Recapping the U2 Show

    Amazing? Too cool at the U2 show, originally uploaded by mclanea. How do I recap the U2 show? It’s an beyond description. Here are some thoughts from the trip, in no particular order. It was well-timed. A week before my trip to Cincinnati for NYWC and with all the stuff stirring at work, a day […]

  • U2 on YouTube

    Today, Kristen and I are driving to Phoenix to see the U2 360 Tour. I have a figurative bucket list and this was on it. My brain has been mush lately so I am greatly looking forward to driving 5 hours across the desert to lose my voice screaming lyrics with Bono. Just for good […]

  • U2 in Phoenix

    I can’t wait. Is it October 20th yet? p.s. They have an awesome WordPress powered site.

  • Saturday Tunes

    Not a lot of plans this weekend, so we will fall into routines fairly quickly. Kristen and Megan are hiking up Cowles Mountain. Stoney and I are waiting for them to return so we can head to Dog Beach for some beach therepy. After that we have no plans. A nice relaxing weekend lies ahead. […]

  • Music Meme

    I wasn’t tagged directly… but I felt tagged in spirit by Marko’s music meme. So here goes: The 411: 1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that’s playing 5. When you go to a new question, press […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    Ah, Memorial Day. It’s hard to have an “unofficial start to summer” when your kids have 6 weeks left in school and the temperature pretty much hovers around the same 20 degree variable 10 months a year. Alas, it’s summer and I’m excited about that. We’ve had a hectic for a kick-off to a 3 […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    Fully in life’s rhythms now. I can’t think of another period of my adult life where I’ve been in such a looonnngggg stand of just doing normal things. Going to the office and coming home at the same times. I have a morning routine, an evening routine, and a firmly established weekend routine. It won’t […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    Since Spring has finally arrived in most of the country, I don’t mind bragging a little. We’re going to have a fantastic weekend! With tempuraturs in the mid to upper 70s, our family is drawn to the beach like a mosquito to a bug zapper. Right now, Kristen is meeting some of my co-workers for […]