Saturday Tunes

Saturday around the McLane house means a couple of things. First, it means yard work. Second, it means soccer. And third, it means music!

Here are the next 10 tunes I’m tapping my toes to while I do what I do. As always, totally random with rating included.

  1. God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash *****
  2. Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight ****
  3. Everything by Jeremy Camp ****
  4. Hiding Place by Starfield ****
  5. Getting into You by Relient K ****
  6. Graceland by Paul Simon ****
  7. Let’s Dance by Hawk Nelson *****
  8. Falling by the Wayside by People in Planes ****
  9. How Great Thou Art by Charlie Hall *****
  10. I’m Clean by Chris Sligh ****


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