Garage sale thoughts

The last two days I’ve been in charge of the sale department for our garage sale. So while Kristen may have done the majority of the work, she simply has no ability/desire to look at someone and say “I want $20 for that chair.” I think I was meant for a haggle-based society so it’s fun for me.

A couple observations about garage sales.

#1 You want to attract the early morning garage sale customers. They are great! Not only do they come ready to buy, they are polite and fun to talk to. 

#2 If someone says “I am going to tell my daughter about that, I’ll be back” it probably means they are not coming back.

#3 Don’t hold anything until someone has paid. We made that mistake with a bed frame… several others wanted it and that person never came to get it. 

#4 It’s perfectly acceptable to pull into my driveway, look at things and then drive away. Apparently, it is just as acceptable to pull up and ask for directions to other garage sales.

#5 Traffic drops off sharply after noon. And the people who come after 1:30 PM can be downright mean. Not everyone, but some people cussed at us when we wouldn’t give them $20 items for $2. 

#6 Expect to chat with neighbors. That’s the best part of a garage sale! We spoke to tons of people over the last two days and it was really encouraging. I had a great conversation with Les Young about why he’s running for Bruce Township Supervisor. He’s got some great ideas that earned my vote on Tuesday. (Also planning to support Jeanie Lerchen, in case you were interested.) 

#7 Smile and be patient. Just like traveling overseas… a smile and a patient attitude will get you all you need.





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