Wow, just wow

kroc center san diegoThat’s how I felt at the gym this morning.

I made it through the warm-up act of 20 minutes on the cycle just fine. But next came my “silly idea” of jumping in the lap pool and knocking off 5 lengths. First of all, 5 lengths is a stupid goal as it makes no sense to end a session on the wrong end of the pool. At 13 feet deep you can’t exactly skip over to the other side and be done. Second of all, 6 lengths is a long flipping way for someone this out of shape.

So there I was, 6 lengths of the pool completed and completely humbled. Swimming is hard work! I was sucking some serious wind when it was all over. The truly humbling part, surrounded at both lanes by people in their 60s and 70s kicking my tail. An older lady of about 220 years old passed me twice. I was having visions of Moses and Noah lapping me and laughing at me. Change the world, huh? Better hope there’s world changing power attached to the keyboard. (I swear, Moses said that to me. He’s kind of a jerk for such a quiet guy.)

But I’m not done. The plan for Kristen and I is to take turns with our mornings at the Kroc Center torturing ourselves.

And irony is not lost on me that I’m working out at a place named for the founder of McDonald’s.





3 responses to “Wow, just wow”

  1. Cathy Avatar

    You can doooo it!

  2. Kristen M. Avatar

    Reminds me of the 80 something year old woman who passed me during the half-marathon last year.

  3. Gman Avatar

    Reminds me of the 90yr old that lapped me last week. Dude – so embarrasing.

    I’m going this afternoon and going when no one can see that.

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