Adam’s Rules for Sushi

Last night I learned a big sushi lesson. Actually, three good sushi lessons.

Lesson #1 Any dude from Indiana shouldn’t make a sushi run at 8 PM. He is hereby required to take someone who knows what the heck they are doing.

Lesson #2 Eight orders for two people means you’ll have so much left over that not even the dog will be able to eat it all. From now on, 1 fish order and 1 roll order is plenty per person.

Lesson #3 Be adventurous in moderation. I ordered cajon seared tuna… completely awesome coice. But I also order a more traditional raw tuna choice. It was good, but I had wish I had done something else in the “seared” category.

p.s. Yes, for those Michigan folks… Kristen and I really are getting Californiaized, aren’t we?





3 responses to “Adam’s Rules for Sushi”

  1. Matthew McNutt Avatar

    Dude, you were killing me with all the sushi tweets last night. I was so hungry … thinking of all that extra raw fish was driving me nuts …

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    I need to try sushi one of these days.

  3. Uncle Dave Avatar

    lol yeah.. i remembered to take a japanese person with me when i went for first time sushi

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