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  • Quesabirria


    I love tacos. For anyone who follows me on the gram, this isn’t news. I seriously have a taco problem.

  • Watching our garden grow

    You don’t notice the growth day-by-day. But when you look at it like this, it’s plain to see!

  • Christians are Bad Tippers

    The other day I was reading Steve Dublanica’s blog, Waiter Rant, in which he had a post entitled “Who are the worst tippers?“ Essentially, Steve was querying his reading audience… people who make most of their money from tips… who are the worst tippers. And the comments were revealing. There seem to be two kinds […]

  • Little Italy Farmers Market

    Yesterday, the family spent some time down in Little Italy at their Mercato. It was super fun for mom and dad– the kids just kind of put up with it and were placatted by free samples. (Paul’s love language is food.) Here’s an exceprt from Kristen’s review over at Beyond the Zoo: Not just a […]

  • Dinner with the Bailey’s

    Kristen and I are having one of those fun weeks that is also really busy. Other than Dave, we’ve not had many visitors since our moving to San Diego. That has been both good and bad. Good in that we’ve been forced to find new friends… and we’ve been doing that. Bad in that we […]

  • Krispy Cream Eggs and Cheeseburger?

    I felt a little dirty watching this. This wasn’t the least bit appealing to me. In fact, I am now convinced that these women had just finished smoking a bowl before saying “action.”

  • Adam’s Rules for Sushi

    Last night I learned a big sushi lesson. Actually, three good sushi lessons. Lesson #1 Any dude from Indiana shouldn’t make a sushi run at 8 PM. He is hereby required to take someone who knows what the heck they are doing. Lesson #2 Eight orders for two people means you’ll have so much left […]

  • Picasso Tapas in Hillcrest

    Last night Kristen and I discovered a fun little place in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego called Picasso Tapas. Walking around the neighborhood we settled there purely because it was busy when nothing else was. (Little travelers tip right there.) After wiggling our way past the door we found a nice seat and settled […]

  • Fish & Chips are Evil… apparently

    Apparently the food I ate at the chippy last week wasn’t what I thought it was. Turns out it was shark meat! Ooops. Darn good shark meat though. Since "spiny dogfish shark" is not the most appetizing name, in recent years fishmongers have given it other names in hopes of appealing to consumers. In France […]

  • Another good sign for LaShish

    Yesterday we again went to LaShish. This time, we went to their Rochester location on University. Just three observations. The food and service were great. We didn’t have a reservation for our group of 15… no problem. Our waiter was fantastic and didn’t miss a beat. The place was fairly full. Over the last few […]