Krispy Cream Eggs and Cheeseburger?

I felt a little dirty watching this. This wasn’t the least bit appealing to me. In fact, I am now convinced that these women had just finished smoking a bowl before saying “action.”



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13 responses to “Krispy Cream Eggs and Cheeseburger?”

  1. mindi Avatar

    don’t be bagging on my girl paula! and yes i know people who ate bacon and egg cheeseburgers. putting it on a krispy kreme is an interesting twist. altho i think i would have sliced the KK like a bagel then used it for sandwich bread.

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    i just kept thinking… aren’t their fingers too sticky? I hate touching food and getting sticky. Look into their eyes Mindi, you’ll see Satan smiling. 😉

  3. Andrea Avatar

    It’s unappetizing, but not new:

  4. Mandy Avatar

    Paula Deen is a goddess!! She didn’t smoke a bowl, she is just naturally that cool.

  5. Jeff Greathouse Avatar

    It is great. I had one at a restaraunt about 14 months ago.

  6. renee Avatar

    it’s called the luther burger, invented by luther vandross.

  7. renee Avatar

    ps: snopes on the luther burger

  8. adam mclane Avatar

    Renee- you totally pwned this newbie. A reference and everything!

    I still think Paula Dean and that other lady made a deal with the devil….

  9. Brian Eberly Avatar

    Do you hear that? Yah, that’s my arteries hardening up from just watching that! Dang…THAT is seriously ridiculous!

  10. Jeff Greathouse Avatar

    Here is the post that I did after I had it with a pic of the burger:

  11. mindi Avatar

    i think they’re going to serve these at our christmas party this year 🙂

  12. adam mclane Avatar

    OK, well… it would be a party so I’d have to go crazy and eat one or two…

  13. Barb Avatar

    This makes me ill just to look at it. Maybe it has something to do with how much I hate Krispy Creams. The thought of an egg on a burger isn’t very appealing either.

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