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  • Social Media Rule #1 – Everything posted online is public

    In this post, Adam McLane talks about social media rule #1: Everything you post online is public, using examples from Mark Zuckerberg and Steubenville High School.

  • Adam’s 5 Rules for People I Do Life With

    Doug Fields recently posted this picture after his trip Kenya, to visit his son Cody, who took some time off from college to serve in a ministry there. These are the rules of some street kids who self-govern their community. Doug closed the post by asking, “What guidelines would best enhance your closest relationships?” I […]

  • The Godfather, Scene One

    Easily my favorite films. Right from the first scene you see that the world is controlled by two competing mores. First, the surface world where law & order seemingly rule in a land where everyone is equal. Second, the underworld which truly defines what law & order means for a certain class of people. This […]

  • Rules for Public Transportation

    We are a one car household. Fortunately for us, we live in a city where you can get away with having just one car because we have a decent public transportation system. Our transportation system, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, also has a policy that permits bikes. This allows me the daily privilege of riding […]

  • Rules for Blog Comments

    Quick synopsis: I reserve the right to edit your comments if they contain foul language. I welcome all comments and all types of comments. You may use a pseudo-name so your “real name” isn’t publicly visible. But you must use your real email address so I can follow-up with you. You are welcome to use […]

  • Classic All-Staff E-mail

    I’m a fan of the site, Passive-Aggressive Notes. It’s a site about passive-aggressive notes left for friends, co-workers, family, and anyone else who you want to say something to but don’t have the nerve to do it to their face. This example was sent to several hundred employees at a Canadian company. I’m wondering if […]

  • Adam’s Rules for Sushi

    Last night I learned a big sushi lesson. Actually, three good sushi lessons. Lesson #1 Any dude from Indiana shouldn’t make a sushi run at 8 PM. He is hereby required to take someone who knows what the heck they are doing. Lesson #2 Eight orders for two people means you’ll have so much left […]