I’m not all that amazing, really.

This weekend has been a lot of fun. I think I’ve gotten a total of 15 hours of sleep over the course of the last 4 days… so I am exhausted and still running strong at the same time.

I spent the whole day on Sunday running from video shoot to video shoot. Meeting heroes of youth ministry, voices new and old. There was a moment around dinner where I thought I was just plain done for. I mean, really… really… tired.

But then, right after dinner in a sheer moment of madness I got to fulfill this little, somewhat embarrassing dream of mine. I got to shoot some video of David Crowder for the YS Podcast. It was only a few minutes… yet it rejuvenated me to get through the rest of the night. (As if I had a choice!) Like a lot of youth workers I totally dig the David Crowder Band’s music. I think I know why too. In those dark times periodically over the past 5 years or so their music has been my escape. When I was questioning all sorts of things I knew I could always jump in the car and scream, “You are my joy, you are my joy, you are my JOY!!!!” at the top of my lungs. Somehow those moments of shouting helped me. Technically speaking, my favorite song of theirs is Deliver Me. But anyway, I digress from my fan-boyness.

It was a great time in Pitt. It’s weird to me how different each location is with the same content. I’ve got lots more the say and process but that’s it for now.




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