All Californians are Liberals

This is one of those urban legends I’ve heard a lot of since moving to California. And I have to admit, this is one of those things that people in the Midwest say about California that drives me a little batty.

California is a blue state. That is true. I am not a political historian but I would guess that the last time California voted for a republican for president was Ronald Reagan. What’s interesting about politics in California is that it’s identical to a lot of states with major metropolitans. The major metros trend heavily towards being democrats while the suburban and rural areas trend towards republicans. Outside of the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas most of California leans republican… including Orange County in the LA area and San Diego County with it’s massive military community.

The land of fruits and nuts. As if Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana (states where I’ve lived most of my life) didn’t have people who were a little abnormal. It is completely true that you will see and hear some crazy stuff in public. Hang out near the beaches and you’ll hear the craziest things on the planet. But also bear in mind that twice in the last decade voters have passed a proposal to ban gay marriage. Sounds pretty conservative to me. Michigan only passed one! Those Michigan people are such liberals!

California is full of strange characters. This one cracks me up. Take me to any breakfast joint in the Midwest and I’ll show you the same cooky characters. California doesn’t have the corner on the market of weird people. In fact, while we did have people in our church in Northern California who were convinced that the government was coming to get them and the postal carriers were secret government agents… those same characters are played by different actors at coffee shops in downtown Romeo. I remember a certain guy who carried around a photo album of road kill, deer he’d shot, and stories he told about people killing deer with a hammer. Who is weird now?

California is full of hippies, gays, druggies, and women with fake boobs. OK, that’s true. Those are actually the four categories you have to fit into before you’re allowed to register to vote. An additional qualification is that you have to watch all the Cheech and Chong movies before you can get a driver’s license. When we signed the kids up for school they implanted a chip behind their ear so that government agents could  decide which category they’d fall into as adults.

Remember, labels are just devices people use so they know how to best ignore you.


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  1. Uncle Dave Avatar

    true dat!

  2. david martin Avatar

    Well those are all the reasons why I’m wanting to get out to California! 🙂

  3. jeremy zach Avatar

    okay this post is funny. i grew up in the midwest and i have been living in CA for 4 years.

    when i was living in the midwest i believed these urban myths. although the fake boob part is totally true!! There are more plastic surgeons, than 7-11s. That is a problem.

    I will tell you what is crazy and weird:

    Living in a climate that is below 0 3 to 4 months out of the year!

  4. Charlie Avatar

    Adam, we Californians perpetuate these myths so that all the Michiganders and Ohioans won’t realize how great life is out here on the “correct coast”. Besides, I love calling my dad in Pennsylvania on December 27th and let him know I just finished mowing my lawn while he shovels 18″ of snow!

  5. Dj Avatar

    I’ve been guilty of thinking some of those. I’ve lived in Indiana for the past 3 years and have been slowly converted to their weird ways of thinking. But answer me this one….

    Is housing truly as expensive as they say it is? I have a friend who was being hired by a church there and had to turn down the job because even at the salary they were going to pay him (Some like $100k) they still would not be able to afford a house. Is this a reality? Or is he fudging the truth?

  6. adam mclane Avatar

    @dj- it depends where you live. In my neighborhood, a ready to live in 4 BR, 2 BA house will go for between 450-600k. And prices are down 20-30% from what they were a couple years ago. We rent a 2 BR/1 BA house and it would sell for about $300k.

    Check out what houses go for and compare for yourself at

    But, just like any other state, it depends where you live. When we lived in NorCal in 2002, we only paid $600/mo for rent.

  7. Gman Avatar

    This is almost like saying all of YS is liberal. too funny.

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