Saturday Tunes

Another weekend of chillaxing ahead. We’re still getting used to having every weekend off. Yesterday afternoon I had the chance to take Kristen out for a lunch date. We tried out a a Vietnamese place in City Heights called, Pho King. (Yes, it is fun to say!) It was Kristen’s first Pho and I think she liked it. Than later, we took the kids out for fondue. We’ve got a pretty strong Friday night family date night thing going.

Today is a beach day. While it won’t hit 80 like it did yesterday, it will get into the 70s. First I’m going to take Stoney to dog beach so he can run and play with other dogs. Then later we’ll load the bikes up into the truck and ride around Pacific Beach.

Coffee in hand, iPod attached to my head. Here are the next 10 tunes I’m listening to this Saturday morning. As always, completely random with ratings included.

#1 Realize by Colbie Callat *****

#2 Drown in My Tears by Ray Charles ***

#3 We Shine by Steve Fee ***

#4 Celestial by P.O.D. ****

#5 So What by P!nk *****

#6 Can’t Find the Words by Karina ****

#7 California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys ****

#8 Hand in My Pocket by Alanis Morissette ****

#9 Almighty Silence by Tree63 ****

#10 No One Does it Like You by Department of Eagles *****


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