Eight years of parenting

Megan and daddy making the eye contact that could last a lifetime

Megan McLane

Paul in a quiet moment right after birth.


It’s hard to believe that Kristen and I have been parents for nearly 8 years.

It’s weird how a picture captures a moment. I can think back to exactly what I was thinking at this moment. I wonder what they were thinking. Megan was probably thinking, “When will you read a book to me?” Paul was probably thinking, “What can I eat?

The first 8 years of parenting makes me realize something that is said all the time, “It goes by so fast.” Indeed it does. What will the next 8 years hold?






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  1. Barb Avatar

    Only more fun. The older they get the more fun it is. I can honestly say, that I really enjoyed each stage of my childrens lives. Time only goes by faster, so keep enjoying your moments with them. OK, I’m done being sappy now.

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