Getting it right, Getting it wrong


Today I can do no wrong. According to Megan and Paul I am the smartest and most excellent father in the history of the planet. Then again, I’ve bribed them into this behavior by taking them to Sea World later this morning.

It’s weird how in life there is a fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong. Yesterday, I read this post by Greg Stier where he confessed that he blew it in sharing his faith with a couple of guys at a McDonald’s. A fine line. A couple days ago, I posted about our small group having the most amazing night at the beach. It was a fine line there too, wasn’t it?

This is what I’m thinking about this morning. The more relaxed about whom I am, the more confident that I am that I’m walking daily with Jesus, the more passionate I am about what God is laying on my heart to do… the more comfortable with the reality that sometimes I’m going to get things right, sometimes I’m going to get things wrong.

I think for too long I bought into the concept that I needed to get it right way more than I got it wrong. The reality is though… when I focused purely on getting things right I always played it safe.

The next question, is playing it safe good or bad?





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