Idiots focus on the wrong things

Um, when was the last time a business card meant anything? This guy thinks they do. Sure, the video is (has to be, please tell me!) tongue in cheek… but it goes to show you that some people focus on making stupid stuff awesome.

What are the stupid things you spend too much time thinking about? What $4 are you wasting on something that doesn’t make a lasting impact?






3 responses to “Idiots focus on the wrong things”

  1. Kenny Avatar

    I’m sure this isn’t tongue in cheek! People get SERIOUS about their cards. In business, for some people, it is their identity just as for some people you are what you drive. [insert sadness emotion here]

    He does have some truth to the approach of not taking “business as usual” for granted and to make sure everything you do is for a reason and is ‘effective’ vs. just doing it just because that’s how it’s done.

    You could apply that lens to so many things in the Church. For example, the church bulletin, which is kind of like business cards — a standard artifact of “doing business” in church — is it time for an overhaul? Do people really read it closely each week? Is it an underutilized medium which might be able to be reinvented for be ‘more effective’? Is it something that is obligtorily printed because that just what’s been done for eons…and then goes straight into the circular file? (or at least hopefully recycling bins!?) Are there ways that this one piece of paper could be better utilized to really impact the captive audience reading it each week? Can you say the same for the visitors / new comers that receive and read the church service bulletin?

    What if the measure of success was the # of people that ‘had to take it with them’ becuase the information printed in it was something they just had to keep and remember, or utilize during their week or better yet — pass along to someone else they know? The less bulletin trash the better.

    It is amazing how right and wrong this guy is at the same time!

  2. Andrew Marin Avatar

    This was the most hilarious thing ever!!! I was totally laughing out loud to myself as I was watching it. I loved it…

  3. gavin richardson Avatar

    i actually had breakfast with a guy who handed me a plastic (credit card type) business card. i took notice of it. he said he was at a marketing thing gave his card to seth godin, and godin contacted him saying his card was the only one he kept cause it was a ‘purple cow’.. i use the mini cards from they get some marvel.

    have you seen the lego business cards?

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