1. “Then perhaps, Sunday could be a day of rest and reflection on all that we’ve accomplished Monday through Saturday.” That gave me chills! Thanks to you and Sara for sharing this!

  2. I dunno…I think if the Brothers Wesley had 3 minutes and 23 seconds to talk about church, they’d throw some props to the only name under heaven by which man must be saved. I surmise they’d sneak in the name of Jesus, but in some hip, culturally-relevant way. It wouldn’t be cheezy, it be the kind of a cool reference to the Lord where some soul-patch wearing pseudo-philosopher could say “You know…I could have a conversation with those Christians. They’re not lame at all”.
    Actually, this video is exactly what the UN needs. Shoot they wouldn’t need to do a thing except dub in the word “UN” whenever Darth Vader says “church”. I go to the General Assembly every September in New York and talk about a bunch of empty suits blowing hot air. They need to go from lofty ideals (or boring platitudes) and get some action going. They need to rethink UN and start with this video as a marketing device. Who wants to join this mission with me?

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