Pointing towards Captain Obvious

I love this video for two reasons. First, the guy teaches a skill that I didn’t know but would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. How many times have I laid out a 100 foot extension cord and spent 20 minutes untangling it? Second, I love how this guy almost talks down to the audience. You can imagine what’s going on in his head, “You idiots don’t know how to do this?

Intuitive is not Intuitive to Everyone
Yesterday, I went on a bike ride with Megan. She’s a little late coming to the bike riding club, but she took of the training wheels yesterday and just got it. As she zoomed around the park I rode behind her sharing some encouragement and advice. To her it seemed counter-intuitive that by riding faster she was able to go straight easier. I tried my hardest to not talk down to her because I know she’s like me… she’d rather figure it out on her own than have me telling her.

It’s really the same for any new skill. There is a master teacher, who does it more by intuition than being aware of each step. And there is the learner who has to wrestle his mind and body through the steps. You get through it once, it’s usually slow and tough, and it gets a little easier until you master it.

Chances are that you’ve mastered a skill that you just do intuitively and that there are others who marvel at it. The trick is, getting intuitive at handing over those skills.



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