Notre Dame vs. Stanford

Last night Kristen and I went to the game between Notre Dame and Stanford with my cousin and fellow Irish fanatic, Trent.

It was a fun game with lots of points scored, lots of exciting plays, and a few times we thought, “they are going to pull away and win for sure.”

That isn’t the way it worked out and it isn’t the way the whole season has worked out. A month ago they were looking at a BCS bowl bid and Jimmy Clausen was being mentioned as a Heismen candidate. Now it looks like Weis will be fired today, Clausen will likely leave for the NFL, and my favorite team will be back to rebuilding.

We have become the Cubs.

I have three requests for Notre Dame:

1. Hire an experienced head coach.
2. Join a conference. The Big 10 seems likely, but any conference will do.
3. Tell NBC to go away. Nothing good has happened as the result of being on National TV. No Heismen’s. No National Championships. Nothing.

There is always next year. I know that. But I really wanted them to win last night!





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  1. jared Avatar

    I agree they should join the big ten, people don’t realize how much that would help them. They playa killer schedule, being a part of a conference, no matter what conference gives you a few gimies. Also 12 teams would allow the big ten to have a conference championship game.

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