Poll: How much cash do you typically carry?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m shocked to see how many people carry $50-$100 in cash in their wallets. Just so I know if I’m weird or not, humor me and let me know how much you typically have on you. (Totally secret, no way for me to know who said what.)






6 responses to “Poll: How much cash do you typically carry?”

  1. Dan Avatar

    I usually carry about $10,000 on me at all times since i love to gamble. My wallet never has less than $300 in it though.

  2. Barb Brinker Avatar

    I normally carry between 20-30 dollars.

  3. Eric Avatar

    What is this cash you speak of?

  4. adam mclane Avatar

    I typically carry a debit card. I actually try to see how many days I can go without needing to use actual cash!

  5. Schnerples Avatar

    Since moving to a cash based budget. I carry between 20-100 in cash.  Rarely am I under $20, and only prior to grocery shopping am I over $100.  

  6. Sarah Adrian Deal Avatar

    Vacillates wildly. Back when I didn’t have easy access to a bank and my job would cash my paycheck, I’d regularly have several hundred on me, in bills no larger than $20, so it got a bit bulky. When I was unemployed I was lucky to have any money at all. Now, I try to have $20-$60 on me these days, so I can take advantage of cash-only deals or just be nice to small businesses and not force them to pay out to the credit card companies.

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