$95 per day

Jean Michelle and Mark Oestriecher – May 27th, 2010

For the last couple of days I’ve been captivated by the stories flowing from my friends on a trip to Port-au-Prince. A group of church leaders is there to launch a partnership program which will pair an American church with a Haitian church. (Follow the team | Give to the program)

This all sprung out of our trip in February. As we travelled around the city we connected with various community leaders and discovered they were all pastors. The church is the only surviving and functional piece of infrastructure in Port-au-Prince right now. Don’t even get me started about the relief/aid organizations.

So Seth Barnes asked if we could meet with some pastors to hear what their needs were. A few hundred pastors representing more than 1000 churches showed up! Realizing God had just unleashed something on this relatively small NGO– Adventures in Missions went back home and talked to their board about what to do. The result was something they are calling the “Church Partnership Program.” Essentially, they are setting up Haitian leaders to form a simple relationship between an existing Haitian church and an American church.

$95 per day

In Haiti, $95 per day is all that is needed to fund the Son of God orphanage. Staff, housing, food, school, clothing, everything… for 125 children.

Here is one of two stories Marko shared on his blog today. (Read the other one)

very soon after arriving in the courtyard of the orphanage/school, jean michelle took my hand. he has a bright smile and a sparkle in his eyes. when i backed up to a ledge he was sitting on, he put his arms around my neck; and for the next hour, he was either on my back, or holding my hand. over and over, he said to me, in broken english: my name is john michael, your name is marko.

jean michelle wrote his name for me on a scrap of paper (he wrote “jhon michil”), gave it to me, and asked me to remember him.

i asked one of our wonderful translators, john, to help me out, and had a little chat with jean michelle. his parents were both killed in the earthquake in january, and he was living on the street when pastor max found him 3 days ago. now he’s in a community of love, and getting an education.

but he’s still hungry. and he still sleeps on a rug, outside, in a courtyard, with 125 other kids, every night.

I can’t speak for you. But this tugs my heart big time. $95 a day feeds 124 other kids like him. It makes me want to consider adoption. It makes me think of the things I spend $95 on all the time. I makes me think that I completely suck as budgeting. It makes me feel guilt and ashamed that I’ve blown that on dinner before. Or that I will blow it again on dinner in full knowledge that I could be helping so many.

But more than anything it’s a call to action. I can’t sit here in knowledge of that and do nothing.

If you are ready to get involved, here’s how.





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