Bringing May to a Merciful End

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I am thankful for Memorial Day weekend. A beach day ahead– but that’s not why I’m so happy it’s the official start to summer. I’m just happy to get May out of the way.

The last 45 days have sucked for us financially. Like, literally, there has been a vacuum attachment having its way with our bank account.

A mistake on a tax form. SLURP. A little fender bender with an uninsured driver. SLURP. Some bi-annual bills. SLURP. SLURP. SLURP. Paying for our summer vacation. SLURP. Going on a mission trip. SLURP. Replacing some broken stuff. SLURP.

Two points of celebration. This series of unscheduled bills brought out all of the temptations.

  • Celebration #1: Savings!
  • Celebration #2: We didn’t put it on credit!

I logged into Mint the other day and I expected a pop-up to slide down and go… “You’re kidding me right now, aren’t you?” May was a blood bath of a month for us. But we got through it and we’re happy to see it go.

I can’t wait for June. I’m ready to start off a new month.





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