I am as stubburn as a mule

OK, I’m that guy.

It’s unexplainable and completely a fault in my personality. But I can be as stubborn as an ox and as tactful as a vuvuzela in a movie theater.

It’s one of those things where an asset is also a liability. If you know me, you know this well. (sorry)

It’s happened a few times on this trip. Just little moments when I strike out in opposition of the three dominant rules on short term trips.

1. Pack whatever you are told to pack.
2. Do whatever the leader asks you to do.
3. Be flexible and willing to be uncomfortable.

So, I’ll admit right now that I stink at all three of those things.

Submission to authority is something that I struggle with. I suppose it’s why I’d never join the military. (Or end up in military jail, if I did) and why it was odd that I did ministry in a Baptist context for 5 years. It’s not that I’m incapable. It’s that I need to understand the “why” way more than most people!

Just ask my mom, I’ve been this way since birth. Actually, I was two weeks overdue so you can see I’ve always done things on my own timing.

Two examples of my suckitude:
– going through security in Ft. Lauderdale, they have one of those new scanners that looks under your clothing. But I noticed this little sign which basically said, “If you object to the scan you may use the metal detector.” Of course, I don’t really care that a TSA agent can see my junk. But I decided to opt out simply because of the option. Apparently to dissuade you from simply opting out of their million dollar toy, they insist on forcing people who opt out to go through a full secondary search So, I waited about 5 minutes for some poor guy to get on his gloves and pat me down. And in the process I shared some smartypants remarks about the new devices. In the end, it wasn’t a big deal either way… It was just something stupid I dug in on.
– I didn’t buy pants for this trip. Giggle all you want, but I really don’t have pants to wear on a missions trip. Hey, I live in San Diego… I wear shorts to work just about every day! Plus, with temps of 115 F I was positive that they were unnecessary. So, I didn’t bring them. No biggie, right? Wrong. Today we encountered a ministry opportunity that required pants and since I chose to not go out and buy stuff for this trip, I just had to pass on the opportunity. (And accept the harassment of my teammates for my packing failure.)

In both of those, I am very frustrated with my stubbornness. I just wish I wasn’t such a punk sometimes.

So, that’s something I get to take away from this trip… I need to work on this character flaw. I guess it isn’t as endearing a quality as I’d like to think it is.





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