The Kingdom of God is a Place Where Orphans Dance

Those were the words of my friend and teammate, Mark Helsel.

Our team was overwhelmed today as we joined in the craziness of an orphanage running in the backyard of a doctor turned pastor.

Today we got a glimpse of an amazing ministry here in Carffuer, the Sons of God orphanage.

What is it? Well, it’s nothing and everything at the same time. Upwards of 100 children live in a makeshift orphanage. The conditions are very rough. It’s messy and smelly in the backyard where the kids play. There are chunks of broken concrete and piles of mud. Little boys urinate in a drain next to workers doing laundry.

But this isn’t about the squalor of the conditions. It is about the condition of their spirit. The children all wear huge smiles. They are warm and affectionate. They are clearly loved and safe. And thanks to the efforts of people like Ed Noble (Journey Church, La Mesa) and Doug Paggit (Solomons Porch, Minneapolis) they have plenty of food and supplies.

This is what joy is! It is knowing that you are an orphan and have been brought from life threatening danger to life giving security. That’s why, when the singing begins, so does the dancing. Joy erupts from the very fact that you are loved and taken care of.

Oh, to be a person that opens your home, life, and family to the needs of your community! What satisfaction and honor that must bring to the family in God’s eyes.

Maybe, just maybe, this is what the church ought to be doing?

A refuge in life’s earthquakes.
A family when you have none.
Security when you are left insecure.
A future where there was none.
Sharing to the point of poverty.

I’m now back to the place I was in February. I simply cannot reconcile the world Iive in with the world I know exists here.

That’s why I leave you simply with the challenge.

Haiti: Pray. Give. Go.





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  1. Shannon Avatar

    I can tell from your tone that Haiti is making a definite impact.

    But curious….do I see missionary training in your future?

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