Less studying, more doing

The faith that Francis is talking about. This is the faith that will cause other people to look at you in horror and say, “That man is crazy enough to change this neighborhood.

Don’t know about you. But that message was a like a dart to the gonads for me.

Stop talking, stop praying, stop studying. Do what you know you have to do.


ht to Terry Weaver for the link





5 responses to “Less studying, more doing”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Oh man. I was actually at the event where this was filmed (LeadNow in Dallas), and both he and Matt Chandler kicked my tail. They both called us to toe the line, and that involves action. Chandler talked about how it’s so easy for us to make lots of excuses not to really live like Christ did. Specifically, there was a call to give up our materialistic, comfortable lifestyles in order to give to those who don’t have. Chandler ended by saying “…because you know what? When Jesus returns, some of you are going to be really embarrassed.”

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      I need more tail kicking.

  2. Larry Avatar

    Incredible!! I love this!

  3. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

    Hey, I’d recognize that stage anywhere. That’s Irving Bible Church, where I attended on Sunday nights while in seminary. Cool. Fun flashbacks. 🙂

  4. Adam Avatar

    So challenging! Thanks for sharing this video.

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