Fact: Brian Berry Hates Boobies

It is true. Journey Community Church senior high pastor and NYWC presenter, Brian Berry, hates boobies.

At least, I know for a fact he hates the “I love boobies” bracelets which are all the rage these days with high school students. I’ve heard his rant about them a few times in person, so I was glad he finally blogged about it so I could use this sensationalistic blog title– I’ve been dying to use it:


I hate them.

I’ve pulled them off 10 year-old boys on my soccer teams, called out guys in our high school program for wearing them, and questioned girls who walk proudly with them on- the latest of which was earlier today.


Wake up!

No 16 year-old dude is wearing a bracelet that says, “I love boobies” because his mom has breast cancer. That guy didn’t do the breast cancer walk or raise money for breast cancer awareness and if you ask him to give you $10 to fight cancer and skip the bracelet, you’d raise no money.  He will happily check your breasts for suspicious lumps however.

My grandma lost one of her breasts to cancer.  She was a breast cancer survivor.  We constantly teased her for leaving her foam “replacement” boob everywhere. “Grandma you left your boob in the kitchen again”.  I can’t imagine in a million years wearing a bracelet that says, “I love boobies” around my grandma who only had one.  Maybe I should have bought her one that says, “I love boob”.

I was in vegas this summer for 5 hours on our way to Idaho and asked this teen guy if I could take his pic in circus circus.  Read the location as an intentional pun on this stupid pic.

Photo courtesy of Brian Berry

Look… at least he has one that really says it… “I love your boobies”

Read the rest of his blog post here.

He has a point. Certainly, they are all over the place and the people raising money are clearly using the word boobies to get boys to buy bracelets which allegedly help raise money for breast cancer research.

I think this is worth talking about with our students.

I’m pretty sure that young men and boys just love boobies and enjoy the opportunity to have a reason to declare it publicly.

Plus, the word “boobies” is fun to say. Just ask my 7 year old.

My only real thought

I’m glad Lance Armstrong’s bracelets didn’t say, “I love testes.

Now that would be awkward.






8 responses to “Fact: Brian Berry Hates Boobies”

  1. Mike Lyons Avatar

    I’ve never even seen one of those before this blog, but now I kind of want one. Thanks, Adam.

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    @mike: I *think* this is the site that started the whole thing. http://www.keep-a-breast.org/

  3. Matthew McNutt Avatar

    Yes, I’m definitely in the camp that hates these bracelets. I don’t know how many times I’ve asked guys that are suddenly soooo concerned about breast cancer why I’ve never seen them with a pink ribbon, any of the other breast cancer awareness things or speak on it at all … until the boobies bracelets came out. And suddenly they’re all concerned and I have a dirty mind if I think there’s any other motive behind them wearing the bracelets. Really it’s just a way for them to wear what they’re thinking and pretend it’s for a good reason; it’s nothing about cancer. I think it’s particularly telling that (in my area at least) it’s all teenage guys wearing them – I rarely see a girl wearing them.

  4. Mandy Avatar

    Except I do know kids who wear those because someone they love has been through breast cancer. And if he keeps going around confiscating them and telling kids how stupid they are, he’s bound to run into one, too.
    Did I do a triple take the first time I saw an entire high school youth group wearing them? Totally. The first kid I spotted it on was one who probably fits Brian’s description. He was wearing it in a very literal, non-cancer oriented way (it seemed). But when I realized that all the kids were wearing them, my judgement quickly faded. I was amazed at my own youth group profiling.
    Ultimately, it’s just clever marketing. Of course young people are going to be all about something that comes across as edgy and forbidden at first glance and then turns out to be something they can argue is for a noble cause.
    The bigger issue is the sexualization of the breast cancer awareness movement as a whole. Just because it mainly affects woman, the marketing strategy is pink on pink, dancing ladies, save the titties, I heart boobies. None of this on its own is wrong, but the conversation to be had with youth is one of searching out the reason breast cancer awareness is so much more successful when it objectifies. And where might the inherent cultural sexism be in play, because you’re right, no one is wearing a bracelet that says “Save the balls.”

  5. Marty Avatar

    In line with these, I really hate the magnets and stickers that say “Save the Tata’s”. Seriously, if you we that concerned about the cause, why not just give money and not put a “clever”, yet inappropriate symbol on your car?

  6. Hannibal Avatar


    I agree, I’m disgusted by the “I love boobies” bracelets. It’s degrading to women. Now, on the other hand “save the TATA’s” bumper stickers – those are clever and amazing.

    And I’m also trying to start a “Save the Man Boobies” campaign which includes no offensive bracelets or bumper stickers… it’s just me drinking beer for the cause. Anyone willing to join me and support the cause!?!

  7. jay sauser Avatar

    I’ve got one students who wears it and one day she came to church without it because she “um, well, uh…lost it. Yeah right, you’re just feeling guilty now.”

  8. Marc Cardaronella Avatar

    Good point about Armstrong…very awkward.

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