Right Coast Bias

I’m sitting in the airport, headed to the east end of our fine country. My goal for the next 6 days is pretty simple:

  • Meet up with as many youth workers as I can over the next 6 days.
  • Talk until I’m blue in the face about two ministries I’m 1000% behind- PlanetWisdom [students] and YS Palooza [adult volunteers, parents of teenagers]

Here’s my rough schedule. If you’re in one of these areas or somewhere reasonably in between. Let me know… I’d love to grab coffee. (Or crash on your couch)





2 responses to “Right Coast Bias”

  1. Paul Avatar

    You had me going until DC. I was wondering if you might be working for yahoo maps, then I realized, oh, this is intentional. Couldn’t stop laughing after that.

  2. Mike Lyons Avatar

    You can come hang out with me in Rockford, Illinois, which according to your map is freakishly close to Philadelphia. 😉

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