Sunrise over the Cuyamaca Mountains

Kristen and I were laying around this morning and talking about where we are at in this moment.

I am so future-focused that I struggle to think about the present. Even when I give my full presence I have a tendency to think, “What’s next?

We took some time to breathe in this moment. This hour. This day. This stage of life we will forever label, “pre-Tres.

In the next 36 hours Kristen will give birth to our third child. We agree, we are completely over waiting for him to arrive.

Kristen made the remark that typically February is one of those months that just flies by– but Tres’s arrival has made it different. This February has dragged. Each day seems a couple hours longer than the day before. I compared it to the last two weeks of school before summer break. Impatient anticipation.

So, with the sun revealing a new day over the Cuyamaca Mountains and the pitter-patter of rain giving way to a glorious lazy Sunday, we hit the pause button and remembered the days Megan and Paul were born. Glorious days. Hallmarks of our life.

Each day, so unique and special. Each day seems like a million days ago and yesterday at the same time.

The next 36 hours will bear witness to and create unique memories for Tres’s arrival. Things will happen which will become folklore in our family. Some moments we think are precious will soon be forgotten. And other moments that seem insignificant in the moment will become significant as time passes.

In these last few hours of our life, pre-Tres, we are a mixed bag of holding on to the life we know and eagerly awaiting our new life to begin.

But mostly, we are ready to hit the play button and meet our new son!


2 responses to “Pause”

  1. Jeff Goins Avatar

    There’s something beautiful about the in-between times. I’ve only recently learned to embrace these seasons (the liturgical calendar has actually really helped with this). May God bless you both during this time of waiting and anticipation.

  2. Kim Avatar

    Its a very surreal moment when you are waiting for a child to be born. Knowing that the family you have will never be the same.. Its wonderful that Megan and Paul can treasure this time too!

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