Tag: memories

  • Passing on a love of sports

    My dad took me to lots of games at Notre Dame. Later in middle and high school it became more about football than the other sports. But I have lots of fond memories of spending time with my dad at Notre Dame basketball, hockey, and football games. I even remember a couple baseball and soccer […]

  • Pause

    Kristen and I were laying around this morning and talking about where we are at in this moment. I am so future-focused that I struggle to think about the present. Even when I give my full presence I have a tendency to think, “What’s next?” We took some time to breathe in this moment. This […]

  • 3 Types of Freshmen Parents

    “Let’s go watch freshmen arrival day!” I have a sick sense of humor. But I loved being on campus the day the new freshmen arrived at Moody. And one year I really did take the day off to enjoy the drama and help out a little bit with confused parents and freshmen. It’s a day […]