One hundred seventy-seven

It was really cool to find out that my blog was indexed and currently ranks as #177 of the top #200 church blogs. Always nice to be recognized- thanks Kent.

Based on how he measures, there are two things you can do to help me move up on that list.

First, subscribe to my blog via Google Reader.

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Second, if you have a blog, tumblr, postereus site, or anything like that, it actually does help both my page rank & Yahoo links ranking if you have a link to me somewhere.

More importantly…

It’s really cool to see the noticeable addition of youth ministry blogs into the Church Relevance rankings. Here’s a list of youth ministry bloggers on the list, with their YS ranking in parenthesis.

To have 10 youth ministry blogs in the top 200 is really cool. I’m excited about that.

As I’ve said about the YS rankings. There is room for you.  You have a voice– speak your mind!






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  1. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

    Sweet! Glad you’re on the list, Adam! You have a lot of great stuff to share, especially how your thoughts like to push the envelope a bit so we all balance out in the middle somewhere. Good stuff.

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