Created to be Good News in the Neighborhood

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach at Encounter, the high school ministry of Journey Community Church.

Here’s the main idea of my talk: With the canvas of our life God gives us the ability to create a masterpiece with our lives through our good works.

Ephesians 2:10 describes believers a God’s masterpiece.

[Pause, think about that for a second. Whoa.]

So often we feel like being a Christian is a cookie-cutter experience. Not so! We were each uniquely hand-crafted by God to be his agents of Good News to our community. (Our church, our city, and specifically our neighbors.) Our talents, skills, strengths, and stories are lovingly interwoven with the activity God wants to tell in our community. He doesn’t need us to do His will, but He created us in Christ Jesus to do it.

To download my notes and the slides that went along with this talk, click the link below.

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