Highlighting a few friends blogs

Here are three blogs worth checking out. Only one of them is a youth ministry blog, per se. But all of them have strong ties to a vibrant life with Jesus and in one way or another, they have done student ministry. More importantly they are all friends of mine and if you like my writing you’ll probably like theirs.

Becky Daye – Becky went to college with Kristen and I. She and her husband Dave have served in local churches since they graduated, they now live in Connecticut. We don’t get to hang out with the Daye’s very often, but when we do it’s like we haven’t seen one another in 2 days instead of 5 years.

What I love about Becky’s blog is she weaves together her life as a mom, her love for her husband, and most importantly her love for God and His Word. When I read her stuff I am impressed by the depth and clarity. So solid.

Zoe Reyes – Zoe and her husband Manny joined our community group last fall. It took me a while to figure them out but I’m glad they stuck around long enough for us all to fall in love with them. They moved to San Diego from the Bay area for a year, mostly so Manny could do some post-doc work at UCSD and they’d be near family with the birth of their first child, Sofia. And before long they are off to a new adventure in Maine. Crazy!

What I love about Zoe’s blog is the way she draws your empathetic senses in with her descriptions. She walks with Jesus in a deep way that I’m captivated by. Zoe writes when she has something to write. And when she does she really draws you in. So when I get a notification that Zoe has a new post… I go and make a cup of tea.

Brian Berry – I’ve been getting to know Brian steadily more over the past 3 years. The more I get to know him the more I respect him as a leader. Not just a leader in youth ministry… like, he’s a strong dude that I learn a ton from each time we hang out.

What I love about Brian’s blog is that he’s both a thinker and a doer. His role at Journey is HUGE. And yet his mind is wired in such a way that he can take the challenges put before him and describe what is happening and what needs to be done. With about 20 years experience in and around youth ministry, his blog is super helpful.

These are new blogs (writers) I’m enjoying right now. Who do you want to highlight?





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  1. Brandon Avatar

    I like Brian Berry’s blog as well, but hadn’t heard of the others. Will check them out. Thanks!

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