PSA on Comments

Just a quick little announcement regarding comments on the Snapchat piece. In the past 8-9 days I’ve received and responded to hundreds of comments. Simple fact is I need a break. I have other things going on in my life that are more important. I’m a dad. My kids are more important than my blog.…… Continue reading PSA on Comments

Happy Birthday, Blog

Today marks 8 years of blogging at (There was an earlier blog, I don’t know what happened to it.) And I’m marking that anniversary by going back to my very first post. Why am I starting this? Why am I starting this? Editorial note: This was my first post on my blogger, version 2.0…… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Blog

Top posts for 2011

Top 10 posts 1. Do you need a resume`? It depends. 2.Repairing a wet iPod Touch 3. Tim Hortons Arrives in Romeo 4. Christians and Gun Control 5. St. Patrick’s Day Prayer for Missionaries 6. 14 Must Have Gifts for the Geek in Your Life 7. TSA Resistance 8. SDSU: I Believe That We Will…… Continue reading Top posts for 2011

The Light Went Off

In January, I was consulting with a group of doctors who specialize in obesity education. As über intelligent people are prone to do, they were speaking in a high-level code language that reminded me of my systematic theology courses. To make it even more confusing they had just reviewed several recently released studies about obesity…… Continue reading The Light Went Off

Being Good News Today’s video post is a synopsis of about 10 conversations I’ve had in the last 60 days. All of them get to the question, “Adam, something has changed inside of you. I like it sometimes and I don’t like it sometimes, what is it?” One thing I’ve learned to get comfortable with in the…… Continue reading Being Good News

How to Blog, Write, and Speak With Integrity

Here’s a quick tutorial for how to blog, write, preach, or teach with integrity. Let’s say you’ve came across a blog post on Adam McLane’s blog that you really enjoy. In particular, you like something I’ve written to the point where it has inspired you to write your own blog post, magazine article, book, lesson…… Continue reading How to Blog, Write, and Speak With Integrity

Blogging Etiquette

The last two years has brought a dramatic shift on the axis of the blogging community. With the wide adoption of social media consumption there are a lot fewer daily bloggers and a lot more micro-bloggers. The net result is a world full of newbies posting things online. With this huge shift comes a need…… Continue reading Blogging Etiquette