Happy Birthday, Blog

Today marks 8 years of blogging at adammclane.com. (There was an earlier blog, I don’t know what happened to it.) And I’m marking that anniversary by going back to my very first post. Why am I starting this?

Why am I starting this?

Editorial note: This was my first post on my blogger, version 2.0 of my blog.

Perhaps many people start a blog because they are trying to prove to the world just how smart they are? Perhaps others do it so they can feel like someone is listening to them? Perhaps others do it as a way to share what’s going on in their lives.

But why am I doing this? Mostly as a way to share with myself, just what is going on. I’m not going to use this as a platform for anything else but… Well, whatever I feel like posting. Quotes. Golf scores. Youth Group talks. Carry-over rants. Interesting articles. Stories about the kids. Whatever I want!

That’s been my philosophy for the past 8 years. At the end of the day I’m going to write whatever I want!

It’s hard to believe where this little blog has taken me. From these first days in 2004 when I had exactly zero readers. To today when the things I write before I head off to work are read by a few thousand people by the time I go to sleep.

Who woulda thunk? Certainly not me.

Thanks for reading. And here’s to another 8 years!






2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Blog”

  1. RJ Grunewald Avatar

    So glad you’ve been doing this 8 years; your one of the bloggers that i’ve continually looked to when trying to figure out what I should do if I want to be a better blogger.

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      Thanks RJ. This blog has written my story more than I’ve written it. It’s like that Dr. Seuss book, “Oh the places you’ll go!” 

      I remember the day I signed up for Blogger and writing those first posts. Sitting in my office at the church, unsure what to write or how to do it. You don’t get much more obscure than a youth pastor at a dead church on 32 mile. It’s crazy to think that those baby steps lead to new jobs, new friends, new zip codes, speaking, teaching, magazines, companies, books. It’s really, really weird. 

      What’s even more odd is that the people I admired then, whose books I bought or seminars I attended, are now asking me for advice! Whaa-aa-aat?!?

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